Posted in January 2012

What Boys Are Made Of

Last week my baby turned 5.  We were at Disney and celebrated with the kind of fanfare usually reserved for celebrities.  Not only did every employee say “Happy Birthday, Lucas” as we walked through the park, even the characters in the parade made reference to his birthday as they passed.  It was awesome and easy … Continue reading

The State of Our Union

I never intended for this to be a political blog.  But I realized that if my real goal was to keep a record for my kids of who their mommy really was, then this blog was bound to reference my bleeding heart liberal views from time to time.  If little else, this is my view … Continue reading

Save The Mamas

I’ve been thinking about boobs a lot lately.  Maybe not as much as my son, who remains fairly obsessed with them, offering up quotes like:  (upon discovering I had made a boob cake for my mother-in-law, to celebrate her completing the Avon 2 Day breast cancer walk) “Boobs? That’s my favorite thing to touch!” or … Continue reading

Why the title?

You might be asking, “how can you call this blog mommy is a 4 letter word?”. If you’re asking me that, you probably don’t have kids. Trust me, even June Cleaver dropped the What The F bomb from time to time, even if it was only in her head.  There’s a reason they had three … Continue reading

The Beginning

So, I just finished Tina Fey’s book, Bossypants, and I loved it.  By the end of the book, you feel like you know her just a little bit.  In it, she gives you her opinion on nearly everything that has been a part of most of us 35+ gals lives.  From breastfeeding to Sarah Palin, … Continue reading