When words fail me

I can’t believe that I haven’t written an entry since February. Is that possible? I know I never shut up, so how on earth could I have found nothing to write about? Writer’s block? Self censoring? Good sleeping habits? I’m actually a bit ashamed to admit the real reason. The truth is, I have been happy.

Truly happy. All of the nagging self doubt that has plagued my life, seemed to disappear as the weather turned warmer and Spring took hold in all it’s majesty. It was a strange sensation I can only compare to something akin to the Tao of Pooh. Blissful happiness in the mundane trappings of life. I wasn’t singing while I burnt the kids waffles or vacuuming in makeup and pearls or anything, but life was good. I felt oddly comfortable in my skin, like maybe I was finally figuring out this whole parent, wife, part-time teacher thing. I’m fairly certain that my children actually finished the school year with juice boxes in their lunch everyday. Books were returned to the library in a timely fashion, field trip permission forms actually made it to school before they were due and we even made it through picture day without anyone calling to tell me that my child was all dressed up with no money and no order form. I even took my students on a field trip and managed to return to school with all of the same kids I left with! Success! I finally figured it all out.

When will my book on perfect parenting come out? When does the nationwide book tour begin? Well, ask capital one who called me yesterday to tell me that I had forgotten to pay the credit card bill. Of course, to go on a book tour, you’d have to have clean underwear, of which I currently posess one pair, granny style, missing much of the elastic. My D team underwear. The A-C team undies probably live at the bottom of this mountain of laundry that threatens to overtake my basement. Occasionally, I go on a rescue mission and a handful of necessities make the laundry cut, only to make their way back to the mountain, clinging to the side like so many frozen hikers on Kilimanjaro.
I silently salute as I walk by. God I miss the A team underwear, in all it’s elastic glory.

I’d like to tell you that all of this mess and forgetfulness is a result of the best summer ever. One we will talk about always. But we’ve hiked more on Wii vacation than in real life. We have mostly complained about how hot it is outside and watched movies. We watched Journey 2 eleven times before I finally snatched it from the DVD player and paid redbox 14 bucks. We’ve all been cranky from staying up way past bedtime and have only done one thing on our summer to do list (and that was to stay up past our bedtimes).

No, my Tao of Pooh has passed. I’m back to my good old, sleep deprived, overwhelmed self. And I found out yesterday that I’m now the president of the freaking PTA. Well, friends, it should make for some good blogging.

One thought on “When words fail me

  1. I’m glad this is finally on my blog reader. Observations of life can be made (humorously), whether you’re happy or not, exhausted or not, president of the PTA or not. Though I tend to think we’ll all be more amused now that you’ve got that PTA gig. Danielle

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